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    De carne y hueso

    Author: Carlos Cea
    Name: De carne y hueso.
    Technique: Acrylic, Chinese ink, wax pencil, aerosol on canvas.
    Measures: 20.5 cm X 25.5 cm

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  • Los accidentes suceden en la obscuridad

    Author: Carlos Cea
    Name: Los accidentes suceden en la obscuridad.
    Technique: Acrylic, Chinese ink, oil, aerosol, wax pencil on canvas.
    Measures: 49 cm X 92 cm
    Price: $ 5,350.00 MXN

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  • Orgasmo

    Author: Carlos Cea
    Name: Orgasmo
    Technique: Acrylic, oil, pastel paste, permanent down, Chinese ink, wax pencil, crayon.
    Measures: 50 cm X 50 cm
    Price: $ 3,675.00 MXN

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