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Roxana Sagastume

Roxana Sagastume

Roxana Sagastume arrived to Mexico in 1996 where she currently lives, from 2007 she began working as an autodidact in image editing and designs of her own creation.

Working with digital tools, she's able to transmit what her imagination claims, always close to intimate topics, she let us see her inside from her work based on her fears, obsessions, and dreams.

Made her first exhibition titled (Hablando en Silencio) in october 2008 in Casa Blues Gallery, invited to participate in the Seventh Cervantino Barroco Festival in Chiapas, has been presented in the first Art Fair of Chiapas, among other things.

Her works has been published in several on-line magazines.

“Everything i’ve done in the last years has filled my soul and has feedback my spirit, and the only thing that I wish in the life is to share everything what I am essentially and not in matter”
The matter dies and disappears but the extract lasts and forever.

Roxana Sagastume Artwork

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