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David Arias Dijard

David Arias Dijard

David Arias Dijard was born on June 25, 1983 in Mexico City and at a very early age he liked creating things with what he found. He always had a great appreciation for art; drawing his own creatures and creating little clay figures in the backyard.

As time passed he decided to take up classes in drawing. In 2004 started the career of Engineering Geology at the University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona Spain. He didn't finish his studies, but living in a totally cosmopolitan city with great architectural concepts and modern designs, inspired him to start a graphic design career in AADAC Torreon Mexico.

During the career he inclined towards various designs and shapes. It was here that Dijard was introduced to the idea of creating art with organic material and making use of organic matter of batches and vacant lands. He discovered peculiar organic forms in which interesting artistic compositions could be done.

Thereafter his work is totally based on natural forms with African, Mexican, Polynesian, Oriental cultural influences. His compositions try to find the originality based on traditions and mixtures of cultures, and sometimes have a cartoon or comic sense. David does not want to limit his creativity in creating a piece of art, there is always the possibility of making and unmaking (occasionally from the mistakes the ideas are born).

Currently Dijard makes wooden sculptures in the traditional way with gouges and chisels, however the use of the chainsaw has woken up a big motivation and facility for his sculptures and that is why it is called a chainsaw artist!

David Arias Dijard Artwork

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