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Arturo Pacheco Lugo

Arturo Pacheco Lugo

If we wanted to find out wherein Rouault explodes definitions... we should perhaps have to call upon a word that has become rather outmoded, which is the word, soul.

At the core of such painting, there is a soul in combat -- the fauvism, the wildness, is interior. Painting like this is therefore a phenomenon of the soul.
The oeuvre must redeem an impassioned soul.

In a poetic image, the soul is present.

G. Bachelard.

Arturo Pacheco Lugo was born in the city of Puebla, Mexico, 12 November 1961.

He studied Plastic Arts and trained with painters José Luis Hernandez and Sando Berger during the first years of his formation.

Arturo is an investigator of techniques, materials, creative processes and aesthetic applications.

Throughout his life, Arturo has exhibited on numerous occasions; both individually and collective. His work has been assembled in private collections in various countries throughout the world.

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